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Harry Uzoka’s girlfriend opens up about death threats

MURDERED: Harry Uzoka was fatally stabbed in January

THE GIRLFRIEND of murdered model Harry Uzoka has opened up about his death and the threats made against her life.

Ruby Campbell posted a lengthy post on Instagram detailing her feelings on losing her boyfriend as the result of a fatal stabbing and the backlash she has faced since her identity was revealed.

The model said: “I’m not one to post personal things on Instagram but this is necessary. Harry and I were happy. Harry died because a man had a jealous obsession with Harry. He came to his house with his two friends, knives and intentions to kill.

“I left London with my suitcase, kissed Harry goodbye and went to work. I was shooting in LA and then in Sweden. I came back to London a few days later to the news that my love was murdered a few hours before I had arrived at the UK border.”

Campbell said she had spoken to Uzoka on the phone from Sweden the night before she found out he had been killed.

“We spoke for hours. He wished me happy birthday, we spoke about the weekend getaway we had planned and his great news about his audition for a movie. We couldn’t wait to see each other.”

Campbell refuted reports that she had met George Koh, a former model and one of the men convicted of murdering Uzoka.

She said: “I have never met George and Harry was never friends with him. The whole thing seemed creepy. ‘How did he even know we were dating?’ was one of the questions we asked each other because we kept our fairly new relationship private.”

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She also detailed the heartbreak she has suffered. “Since this event has happened I’m so sad and heartbroken. I had finally found someone I was so happy with and he was taken from me. The press/social media twisted this whole situation and plastered my face all over the internet, twisted words and information to make it seem like I was the bad guy in this situation or this was a fight about me. This makes me so sad. I have had a hard time this year grieving and I am still grieving,” she said.

Campbell also disclosed that she had received threats against her life as a result.

She said: “Harry was my love. I have never lost a person in my life and I’m receiving multiple death threats and multiple social media accounts using a tragedy as click bait. People speaking so evil about my baby and calling me names because they believe anything the internet says. It’s a sad world I live in.”

Koh, 24, was found guilty of murdering Uzoka earlier this month after he stabbed him in January.

The Old Bailey heard that the two met to settle a dispute after Koh, who prosecutors say had an obsession with Uzoka, claimed he had slept with the fellow model’s girlfriend.

Merse Dikanda, 24, was also found guilty of murder. Jonathan Okigbo, also 24, was cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter. Koh, Dikanda and Okigbo will be sentenced on September 21.

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