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Has Cosby no shame?

GUILTY: Bill Cosby’s conviction last week is only the tip of the iceberg

IS THERE no mechanism that we can invoke to deprive Bill Cosby of his race?

Because none of us want him to be black anymore. That’s the price you pay for despicable behaviour that brings your people to shame - excommunication. Is there no whitewash that we can use to erase this monster from our minds?

Or do we simply have to accept that he exercises his prerogative to forever be black despite being banished from television screens forever for drugging and sexually assaulting women like the black cab rapist John Worboys?

Until relatively recently, The Cosby Show was the most ubiquitous sitcom on the planet. At any given time of the day or night re-runs were being shown somewhere on Earth decades after the last episode had been filmed and the production company stopped making new ones.

Well, those days are now over. Well and truly over. You will never again see the programme broadcast anywhere in the world. Never ever.

Neither will you ever see the I-Spy series that broke Cosby into the mainstream with the Hollywood actor Robert Culp (he must be spinning in his grave).

Not to talk of all the films that Cosby was in. Like California Suite with Richard Pryor in which Cosby is genuinely funny. But we cannot laugh at it anymore. It’s not funny anymore. Because Cosby is a sex fiend – no joke.

Malcolm Jamal-Warner, Lisa Bonet, Tempestt Bledsoe and all the other Huxtable children in The Cosby Show must be apoplectic that they spent their childhood acting with a sex pest and that he has now brought their residual royalties to an end by acting like he didn’t have to maintain his sexual dignity like the rest of us ‘misanthropes’.

Cosby’s conviction last week in a US court is only the tip of the iceberg. There are some 60 more women who have waived their anonymity to accuse him of drugging and sexually assaulting them.

Nearly all of those women are white. Which adds another complexity to the story, I guess. But nobody wants to go down that road so I’ll stay away from it too. Except to wonder what Cosby’s wife of over half a century, Camille, thinks of that. Not to talk of his two grown-up daughters who were not even in court to support him when he was convicted.

I know it really has nothing to do with the severity of the crime that her husband has committed, but we know don’t we that she will have noted the race of most of those women who were targeted by him. How could she not.

Just like any woman who has been the subject of infidelity the little details matter – hair, height, dress size and bust size etc. Which woman who has not been the recipient of an infidelity has not noted the little details of their ‘rival’.

Wouldn’t we all like to know if it hurts more or less or just about the same if your husband of many years prefers blondes? Not least to the extent that he is prepared to drug them to get his leg over without their consent.

So you see, he’s on his own is old Bill whose net worth is $400 million and whose defence has insinuated that his fortune might be a motivating factor for his accusers. It’s what is known in the business as the Kanye defence (“I’m not sayin' they are gold diggers/ But they ain’t messing with no broke n*ggas”).

Has Cosby no shame? After all, this was the man who spent the last two decades on a moral crusade to chastise poor black people across America for the ‘dysfunctionality’ (as he saw it) of our children and our families.

Yes, he went on tour throughout the States to extrapolate from the ironically perfect fictional family man that he portrayed on the telly a critique of the real life of the black condition where the rest of us live – warts and all.

Has there been a more spectacular fall from grace of a black man since Samson lost his hair to Delilah? If there has I cannot think of it.

And hair or no hair, Cosby does not deserve to be black. Given his position and how he misused it and how he abused it while all the time pretending that he was the black man that we should all look up to and behave like in the whiter-than-white black family fantasy that was The Cosby Show, while knowing full well that he drugged and abused women, he is the enemy of our people and has to be stripped of his blackness. He sold us that Cosby Show nonsense and by so doing committed possibly the biggest fraud on the black community ever.

Having said that, how do we practically revoke blackness from a black man. I remember a while back when one of my colleagues at the BBC was accused of sexual harassing women and he was named on the radio as I drove my little one to school. I remember my daughter asking me whether I knew the man concerned. And I remarked that I did.

And then it dawned on me... had it been me who was accused of that kind of behaviour, my daughter would not have been able to go to school that morning. Because she shares my surname and it is not a common surname in Britain and I would have made it unbearable for her to carry the same name.

I told her as much and told her how lucky she is that her father doesn’t get himself embroiled in such shenanigans. She replied that it is I who is the lucky one for not getting myself involved in such shenanigans because if it was me and my name was being broadcast on the radio she would have still gone to school but she would have disowned me to her schoolmates if they wondered whether she was related to me or not.

If it is possible for my daughter to disown me and my name, it is possible for us to disown Bill Cosby and his claim to our race.

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