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Healthy hair experts release new range for natural hair

G'S HAIR Beauty has formulated some new product lines, which include Oil Mists - perfect for natural hair and locs.

Rich in nutrients, they provide hair with overall protection, helping to create the correct scalp environment for growth.

To use the Oil Mists, simply spray sparingly on to scalp, then massage and use the residue on hands to distribute throughout hair. Apply as and when needed to prevent hair 'drying out'.

Black Seed & Black Castor

G’s Black Seed & Black Castor Mist has been designed to promote hair growth, prevent hair loss and add thickness to the hair. The mist provides hair with essential vitamins and minerals and restores dry and damaged hair. It contains Omegas 3, 6 and 9, which help to prevent hair loss, prevent dry flaky scalp and stimulate hair growth. In addition, this product also contains Vitamin E, which helps to repair damaged follicles and reduces inflammation of the scalp. The mist is suitable for normal hair.

Black Castor & Hemp

Black Castor & Hemp moisturises and strengthens hair whilst boosting growth. Hemp has fantastic moisturising properties. The high Vitamin E content naturally moisturises scalps and leaves them free from dryness and/or irritation. The high protein strengthens hair whilst the presence of lipids improves the elasticity of the hair. Vitamin D and B-vitamins are also important for hair growth and is in this fantastic product. Suitable for thirsty/dry hair.

Afro Hair and Beauty LIVE

G's Hair Beauty are pleased to announce that they will be attending Afro Hair and Beauty LIVE on 28 and 29 May. Come along and see new products and collect samples.

Venue and event details:

The Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street
N1 0QH

For more information click here.

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