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Hit and miss at MOBOs

GOOD VIBES: Jasmine and friends at the MOBOs

I WASN’T supposed to attend the MOBO Awards this year. I had so much on at work with 10 new staff starting, a multitude of meetings and interviews to attend, and a big important news press seminar to speak at.

But once MOBO CEO Kanya King asked me if I wanted to come, and then Adidas big-wig Paola Lucktung persuaded me to sit on the Adidas superstar-filled table, I decided to hop on a train and make the trip to Glasgow.

The banter en route between the Adidas team and the artists was unrepeatable. (I attempted noting it all down for you all but was threatened with banishment from the carriage unless I agreed to keep quiet!)

As we discussed our outfits for the night, I thought about the choice of dresses I’d packed. I had a lime green D&G classic, a plum Versace cocktail dress and a floor length green sequined number. But upon revealing my dress choices and having a UK rapper, who shall remain nameless, tell me that “sequins are for yardies,” I quickly kicked my sequined number to the kerb!

On arrival in Glasgow we had a big boisterous lunch before heading off to change clothes and go. The hotel lobby was reminiscent of carnival, with lots of ladies in their skimpy outfits and stripper-type heels, along with those in hoodies who hadn’t bothered to dress up for the occasion. The way that some people use that old cliché of “I’m not bothering to dress up fam – I always look fly.’’ No love, you don’t, and you won’t get anywhere looking like you’re off to do a Tesco’s shop, whilst everyone around you has made the effort!

CHILLING: Eddie Kadi, Chipmunk and Jasmine

Thankfully, there were plenty who made the effort. Former EastEnders actress Preeya Kalidas was in a black asymmetrical number; BBC reporter Brenda Emmanus looked serene in a long Grecian-style gown; and fashion designer Wale Adeyemi rocked a cute dickey bow tie and one of his new look shirt styles.

Speaking of Wale, a hilarious moment came when another man sitting on our table caught Wale’s eye. The man was wearing a one-off sample shirt that had been requested that very day by Wale’s PR team, apparently for a Wretch 32 video shoot. Well, the man rocking the shirt was most certainly not Wretch and the shirt was way too tight for him! As Wale sat in bewilderment, Paola and I roared with laughter!

Once the show kicked off, it flowed well with the gorgeous Alesha Dixon working her professional magic in a yellow frock. But I must say I was disappointed that she didn’t have more outfit changes. Her gorgeous dresses are always eye-catching!

Also a bit disappointing was co-host Jason Derulo, who, in my opinion, didn’t add anything to the proceedings. He was awkward and Alesha actually had to nudge him to read his lines a couple of times. In fact, I was left wondering if Jason was short-sighted because he was reading from the largest autocue I’d ever seen in my life!
In terms of performances, Wretch 32’s set was by far the best of the night, causing the whole arena to be up on their feet, dancing along. But during Katy B’s performance, most of the audience were socialising around their tables – until Ms Dynamite joined her on stage and the crowd were focused again.

Sadly, Rihanna didn’t send a thank you video link when she won the best international act award – despite her being in London at the time. Record label folks – ever heard of a live link?

STILL SMILING: Jas with Wretch 32, who didn’t win any awards

I was also really disappointed that Wretch 32 didn’t win a single award. I know the wins are chosen by fans, but for Wretch to walk away empty-handed and Jessie J to dominate the evening with four wins, surely there’s something very wrong with the system? Jessie J is talented but all those awards seemed unfair. Maybe folks from the music industry and fans should vote together in future?

Later, JLS bounced onstage and the audience went mad! Looking sharp in their black suits, they then introduced Boyz II Men – but the US trio didn’t really have the wow factor. Group member Wanya was rocking some really ugly boots and many were questioning why the band was one member short. Michael left years ago – do keep up!

Post-show, loads of us rolled with DJ Trevor Nelson to his after party, and the dance floor was crazy from the moment my Chrissie Lou shoes stepped on it until the minute we left.

A special mention must go to Trev, Mr Play and DJ Charles (Tinie’s DJ) who threw down classic, old school R’n’B classics. Wretch, Tinchy and Chipmunk were dancing hard and the routines that DJ Abrantee, Wale Adeyemi, Eddie Kadi and J2K were doing were ridiculously impressive! All in all, it was a good night.

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