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H&M hires diversity manager

CONTROVERSY: This image of a black boy wearing a hoodie with the slogan 'Coolest Monkey In The World' caused international criticism of H&M (Photo credit: H&M)

FOLLOWING THE H&M controversy, the Swedish fashion chain has hired a company insider to deal with the fallout from using a black child to advertise a hoodie with the slogan "coolest monkey in the jungle."

Annie Wu has ben appointed as "Global Leader for Diversity and Inclusiveness" for H&M group.

"The recent incident was entirely unintentional, but it demonstrates so clearly how big our responsibility is as a global brand," H&M said in a message posted to its social media accounts.

"Our commitment to addressing diversity and inclusiveness is genuine, therefore we have appointed a global leader, in this area, to drive our work forward."

According to CNN, H&M couldn't provide details on Wu's role. She will also continue in her job as the company's global manager for employee relations, according to a company spokeswoman.

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