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Home education in England has increased by over 300%

A NEW study looking into the growth of home education in England has revealed a 361% increase in the number of children being taught at home over the last ten years.

The research, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Oxford Home Schooling, part of Oxford Open Learning Trust, reveals the number of children registered as home educated in England between 2006 and 2016 increased from 8,361 to 38,573 children.

Top 10 councils which have seen the biggest increases in home education over the last decade:

1. Southampton City Council (2,327%)

2. Hertfordshire County Council (1,846%)

3. Liverpool City Council (1,507%)

4. Northamptonshire County Council (1,172%)

5. Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council (1,023%)

6. Kent County Council (793%)

7. London Borough of Newham (636%)

8. London Borough of Hackney (600%)

9. North East Lincolnshire Council (539%)

10. North Tyneside Council (456%)

Almost half of the top 10 councils to report the biggest increases in home education over the last five years were located in London, reflecting the city’s changing diversity and needs.

Dr. Nick Smith, principal at Oxford Home Schooling, said:

“The growth of home education in England reflects the country's changing educational needs. One school structure doesn’t fit all and online home education providers like Oxford Home Schooling enable people to access alternatives much more easily.”

Oxford Home Schooling’s top tips for parents considering home education:

1. Make contact with your local home education group and share skills and knowledge.

2. Make sure your child attends activities outside of home education groups. They will get to meet other children and socialise in a different way to the home education groups. It also gives you the chance to get involved and engaged in the local community.

3. Investigate all the different varieties of home education, from autonomous education to school at home.

4. Different things are right for different families and even different children at different points in life.

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