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HOPE not hate letter to US ambassador condemns Trump

‘WRONG’: US President Donald Trump

ANTI-RACISM campaign HOPE not hate yesterday delivered a 26,584-signature letter of protest to the US Ambassador, Woody Johnson, over US President Donald Trump’s retweets of a British anti- Muslim hate group.

It represents a broad swathe of opinion of people who opposed Trump’s actions in retweeting three anti-Muslim videos shared by the deputy leader of far-right hate group Britain First, which has now seen a huge in its online presence. HOPE not hate deputy director Jemma Levene said Britons had been outraged by the President’s actions.

She said: “We want to let Mr Trump and US officials know, in no uncertain terms, that the people of Britain will not stand for those who promote violence, hatred and division. Britain First’s brand of extreme intolerance and thuggery is not fitting for anyone to share, let alone the world’s most prominent leader.”

The signatures for HOPE not hate’s letter was collected after Trump retweeted the videos.
Prior to the Trump’s intervention, the group was best-known for historical connections to Loyalism, the far-right British National Party, mosque ‘invasions’ and the criminal convictions of its leadership.

It has been struggling for money and membership, despite its large Facebook following. Trump’s actions were widely condemned and led to a spat with the British government, which joined in the worldwide condemnation of the US leader.

HOPE not hate’s letter asked supporters to condemn Trump’s actions in the strongest-possible terms, and leave the ambassador in no doubt about the depth of feeling here in the UK.

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