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How to banish negative people from your life

DRAIN: People who are consistently negative can affect your way of thinking and hinder progress

YOU WILL probably be familiar with the well-known saying, 'birds of a feather flock together'.

The thinking behind this age-old statement is that, often, we have similar habits and personality traits to the people that we spend a lot of time with, whether they be friends, work colleagues or even family members.

However, if you spend too much time around negative people – the ones who always tell you that you “cannot, should not, and do not" pursue a particular activity or a goal you’re passionate about – then you'll run the risk of finding yourself discouraged and feeling glum.

Negative people tend to transmit their negative attitude towards you, leaving you with the same pessimistic world view that they possess.

They can drag you down to the point where you feel helpless and can't do anything right.

Let’s not forget that people already have to deal with negative imagery and information about many aspects in life through watching TV, reading magazines and newspapers or even checking social media.

Negative attitudes are everywhere. They can be found in your school, workplace, and even inside your own home, so taking steps to avoid negativity should become one of your primary concerns.

You should instead be surrounding yourself with visionaries and those who can inspire and motivate you so you can, should, and do take action.

Following your intuition can be an effective way of weeding out negative people early on upon meeting them.

If you feel you have met a toxic or negative person, you could experience:
– A sick or uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach.
– The hair on the back of your neck standing on end.
– Becoming jumpy and adverse to touch.
– A tightness in your shoulders or even your throat or chest.
– A feeling of pressure.
– Feeling physically, mentally, or emotionally drained after meeting the individual

These symptoms may be your body's way of telling you to stay clear of this person.
You may leave their presence feeling depressed and discouraged because all you've heard is complaining.

Naturally, this sucks the energy right out of you, but you can learn to read these signs early on and you'll save yourself from becoming involved with a negative person.

These people are toxic and will poison your mind with their negativity.
So it’s important to make a conscious effort to seek out people with positive attitudes to life.

Sometimes you can tell someone is positive just by their outward appearance or the way they conduct themselves. Walking confidently with their head up or even smiling are signs that a person is in a positive mood.

Upon meeting a positive person, you may feel:
– You get a feeling of familiarity – as if you know the person already.
– You feel relaxed, calm, and safe.
– You breathe more easily.
– You lean forward instead of crossing your arms defensively and withdrawing.
– You're at ease with the other person's touch (hug, hand- shake, etc.).
– You leave their presence feeling energised.

Just as negative people can make you uneasy, more positive people's attitudes can have the opposite effect.

These people are nourishing and supportive – and your body can pick up on this.
But how do we go about finding these positive people we wish to associate with?
Much of our body's responses are simply felt in our day- to-day associations.

However, there are steps we can take to align ourselves with positive people, including:
– Find a local community event, club or group where people challenge themselves and encourage their members to be better people. They will help you set goals and then help you achieve them.
– Participate in online forums or organise your own positive mentoring group. Sometimes it's impossible to completely avoid certain negative people (perhaps a boss or family member), but you can limit your relationship with them and seek out positive role models elsewhere.
– Utilise your positive support system to prevent the negative people in your life from getting the best of you. Rely on your friends or family when you need to vent to get rid of your negative emotions.

The choices you make in life are yours, and yours alone.

It's completely in your power to choose who you are friendly with and whether you want to live a happy life or be brought down by others.

If you feel too much negativity, take control of your life and make some changes to eliminate the negative sources.

This will likely take some time but making these changes will help improve your daily mood and remind you that good things are ahead.

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