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How to be fit in body and spirit

WELLBEING: Lola Olarewaju believes there is a link between spirituality and fitness

Lola Olarewaju is a fitness coach and personal trainer. She’s just released her first dvd Fit Temple, which combines exercise with spiritual well-being. Lola spoke to Soul Stirrings about her unique approach to healthy living

Soul Stirrings (SS) What inspired you to release your dvd?
Lola Olarewaju (LO) I am a professional actress by trade and in this industry it can be useful to have other interests in between jobs. I have always been passionate about fitness, so I’m now on a mission to spread my passion for fitness to others. Also I didn't think Christians talked enough about our bodies and how the body and spirit are intertwined. I want my dvd to encourage us to look at our lifestyles and bodies and to begin to take much better care of our bodies in order for us to fulfil our individual purpose from God.

SS: How does Fit Temple differ from other fitness dvds?
LO: Fit Temple is the first dvd of its kind made here in the UK which combines our physical well-being with our spiritual well-being. It features gospel music and scripture verses that the user or viewer can meditate on whilst working out.

SS: What is the link between spirituality and fitness?
LO: I believe that a healthy and fit body helps the spirit in many different ways. A fitter body gives us more energy, it means our bodies are stronger and better equipped to fight sicknesses and illnesses. It can help give us more confidence about ourselves, the list is endless. But most importantly, we have a responsibility to take good care of our bodies so that God's will can be done through us.

SS: How did you get into the industry and what's your fitness routine like?
LO: Ten years ago my then church sponsored me to do a Fitness Instructor course at Morley College. Thereafter I qualified as a Personal Trainer and as a qualified specialist in children’s fitness. I work out 6 days a week by jogging for an hour, doing squats, lunges, sit ups and of course now that I have my dvd, will be incorporating this into my fitness routine for variety.

SS: Many people would find your routine difficult to follow. How can unfit people incorporate fitness activities into their daily routine?
LO: When the Bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, you better believe it because in as little as two weeks you will begin to see the difference in your fitness level. People can start by making small changes to their lifestyles such as walking more instead of driving everywhere, take the stairs at work instead of the lift, go to the park with the children and just have some fun or get my dvd and work out to it and be energised for the rest of the day.

SS: As a mother of two children, what tips do you have for mothers trying to regain their fitness?
LO: I started my fitness regime about 3 months after the children were born because I felt physically and mentally tired. Realistically I would say 6 to 12 months because you are having to juggle so many things all at the same time and the last thing mothers need is unnecessary pressure to look like a celebrity mum. The main thing is to start when you are ready, make the commitment and just keep going till you achieve your goals.

SS: What else should we expect from you during the course of 2012?
LO: I have completely stepped out of my comfort zone this year and have set myself a goal to write my first book about how we can better honour God with our bodies. I'm also working on my second fitness dvd which will be a fusion of soca, African, salsa music and a lot of fun.
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