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How far will a million get you?

WINNING A million is not what it once was, with the millionaire lifestyle varying significantly based on where you live. New research from a global lottery platform has discovered the countries where you’ll get the most luxurious lifestyle – with Canada coming out bottom.

With inflation at a five-year high in the UK, £1 million won’t buy you what it once would. Research conducted by looked at the same items commonly bought by lottery winners and compared local prices in 10 countries around the world. Items included (big) new houses, supercars, new smartphones and cases of local, premium wine for the inevitable parties.


If you’re wondering where you can get the biggest mansion for your million, the best value can be found in Chyby, Poland. There, you could buy a mammoth eight-bedroom villa for roughly the same cost as a two-bed apartment in Paris.

When it comes to cars, the research found that the 'affordable' German supercar, the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, was a good benchmark. Surprising findings highlighted how the cost for this car can vary significantly country-to-country, with Australia being the most expensive and the USA coming in cheapest – a difference of £71,000. COO, Pablo Grunbaum said:

“It was fascinating for me to see how a South African winning £1 million could see a greater ‘value for money’ than a similar French winner. With lotteries all over the world creating new millionaires every week, you don’t have to settle for rollover after rollover in your home country.

"It’s also worth considering how some of these international lotteries have much better odds of you taking home the jackpot – you’re ten times more likely to win big playing the Polish Lotto than you would playing the UK Lotto.”

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