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How often do clients visit their hairdresser?

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HAIR BUSINESSES have been treating clients for well over two centuries, and have been including new treatments to the ever-growing list of services over the years. The first hair businesses most often tended to the needs of men, providing moustache shaping, hair trimming and waxing. However, as time passed, hair salons for women began rising in popularity. Today, hair salons have a global popularity and tend to the needs of both men and women. But how often do salon clients visit their favorite hair salon?

Average customer visits

The average hair salon client visits their favorite beauty business at least once a month. Since hair grows at around 1.25 cm a month, a quick trim once a month is ideal for maintaining a fresh look. Depending on the type of service, some customers may visit their local hair salon more often, as their service may require checkups and additional procedures. So exactly what types of hair services are there?

Choices choices choices!

More often than not, a potential salon client knows what he or she wants before walking in - a trim, buzz cut, beard trim, balayage, ombre, etc. Men’s hair salons (aka barbershops) usually don’t have an extensive service list and stick to traditional services, like facial hair trimming, fades, nasal hair waxing, and hairdressing. Regular hair salons (although visited by men, they’re more popular with women) on the other hand often provide a wide array of possible services. Anything from balayages, ombres, colorizations, to trims, wedding hair, highlights, and more. Though men’s hair services are on the rise, it’s safe to say that women spend more time at their favorite hair salon than men.

Absent regular clients - what does this mean?

Hair salons are oftentimes packed up to the brim with clients - which is a good sign of a successful business. Staff are busy providing services and salon owners are making sure everything is working as it should. However, the receptionist may have noticed that one or two regular clients have not been showing up as of late. This number isn’t something to be surprised by, but when it's more, then it’s worth looking into.

There can be a number of reasons why regular clients have been absent from a salon - they’re either away, busy with personal matters, or in the worst case, they found another hair salon, which suits them better. If the latter is the case, then how can hair salons make sure regular clients won’t choose another business over theirs?

Modern tools for more customer visits

It may be difficult to remember which clients have been absent from the salon for some time, but with the right tools, salon staff will know exactly who that is. For such issues, beauty businesses turn to hair salon software systems. Most of these systems have a built in customer database, which allows staff to find clients that have not visited the business for some time. With that information, sending a message to those clients, encouraging them to book another visit will make sure they won’t forget about the business.

Additional tools for customer encouragement

Versum hair salon software offers a unique feature called marketing automation - the system gathers information about each customer, and for those that have been absent from the business, they will receive an automatic text/email message encouraging them to return to the business. Besides this, the marketing automation tool sends recurring appointment reminders, informing the client to book another visit after a specific service. This module is perfect for keeping customers returning to your salon regularly, without having to worry that they will book with competition.

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