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How to secure your smart devices


WHICH DANGERS are you facing the moment you get a new smart device? How exactly can a smartphone or a tablet threaten your privacy? And how do you prevent this by yourself? Every day we come across new data leaks and hacker attacks against big corporations, governmental organisations, and even some famous actors and musicians. Governments and celebrities always were the primary target for hackers all over the world. But everything has changed over the last couple of years. Hackers became smarter and more professional, while their targeted audience became wider. Today's cyber criminals are looking for any precious information they can use in order to get some benefit. And the problem is that this kind of information is absolutely available on any smartphone in the crowd.

So, how do you protect your device if it’s a perfect target for an average hacker? Use a VPN. Don't look for some fancy services if you know nothing about them. Just pick any VPN from all the presented on and bring your data security to the next level.

Reasons to get a VPN

First of all, let's have a look at what a VPN is and how it operates. A VPN is a service, which creates an invisible tunnel between a computer and a host. This tunnel is based on the encryption system, which is transferring the information in a more secure way.

In fact, a VPN is not something new. Initially, it was created for companies specifically for secure data exchange between different departments and offices. Today, a VPN is widely used by millions of ordinary internet users for a better experience and data protection. A VPN is popular in countries with a strict censorship policy like China or Cuba. It is used to circumvent website filtering and restrictions.

Should You Use a VPN and Why?

- Do you know that your browsing activity is available even if you're sitting in front of your home PC in the living room? Internet providers can easily check your Internet activity in the networks provided by them;

- How often do you use a free WiFi signal provided by the hotels you stay in, or the airports you visit while travelling abroad or anywhere in the country? And how often do you use that free public network for banking online?

- All of these are reasons to get a VPN right now. It doesn't concern any specific device or Internet activity only. Both your smartphone as well as your laptop requires an equal level of protection. If you need, check this site to get more info about VPNs for multiple mobile devices.

Connecting to the public WiFi, checking your banking account, shopping on Amazon somewhere in a coffee shop, and visiting suspicious Internet sources are only a few reasons why an average Internet user should have a VPN service installed on his/her smart devices.

Millions of people use VPNs for multiple reasons every day. No matter whether you want to protect your traffic, or expand your Internet activity, join them too.

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