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Husband of senior constable questioned over alleged racism

RACIST INCIDENT: Investigations into the alleged racist incident are ongoing

A FORMER policeman and husband of a senior Nottinghamshire Police officer has been investigated over alleged racial abuse.

Ian Barber, husband of Rachel Barber, deputy chief constable of Nottinghamshire and its lead on hate crime, has been accused of racially abusing a woman.

The alleged racist abuse was targeted at a waitress at a police Christmas part in Sheffield last December, the BBC reported.

"A member of staff reported they were subject to a racially abusive comment, as soon as this was highlighted to those at the event, a man, who was a guest at the event and is not a SYP employee, was asked to leave immediately.

"A man has since voluntarily attended a police station in relation to this matter,” the BBC reported South Yorkshire Police said via a statement.

It is understood that Ian Barber got into a disagreement with some of the waiting staff at the Christmas party on December 15 and used a racial slur.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

In 2016, Nottinghamshire Police began to incorporate misogynist abuse in its definition of hate crime.

A new coalition led by Fawcett Society is calling on the Metropolitan Police to include misogyny under the banner of hate crime.

Black women are among those particularly affected by misogynist abuse.

Sam Smethers, chief executive of Fawcett Society, said: “We have to recognise how serious misogyny is. It is at the root of violence against women and girls. Yet it is so common that we don’t see it. Instead it is dismissed and trivialised. By naming it as a hate crime we will take that vital first step.

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