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'I never wanted to be a singer'


IT’S NOT every day that a UK artist gets to sing in front of gospel legends and black Hollywood royalty, but this is the case for Sam Moore, who has just released his third album, The Education of Sam Moore.

Sam has been singing since his youth, but cites performing in America as a highlight of his singing ministry. He recalled: “I sang in Los Angeles a number of years ago at West Angeles Cathedral, where not only did I sing in the presence of some of gospel music’s stars, including Kurt Carr and Dr. Judith Christie McAllister, but also Angela Bassett and her husband Courtney B. Vance, who were in the congregation rocking along to my ministry!”

It is Sam’s hope that audiences will rock to the songs on his new album, whose lyrics focus on drawing people closer to God. He added: “I recorded this album for those that don’t yet know God, or may not be in a current relationship with Him.

“I want this to be the type of album that people can listen to and then refl ect, ‘What’s wrong with loving God? There’s nothing wrong with living a good life, nothing wrong with loving’.”

The Education of Sam Moore is an album with a soulful vibe, infused with praise and worship and gospel and is full of hope, inspiration and love. Currently residing in Birmingham with his wife of 16 years and three children, Sam grew up in Manchester. The second youngest of eight children, he was raised in a Christian family, and spent much of his youth listening to gospel and R’n’B. Musical influences include The Clark Sisters, Winans, and Commissioned. He has also spent a lot of time in church, much of it singing or directing choirs.

Although Sam is now known as a gospel singer, it wasn’t something he aspired to. “I never actually wanted to be a singer, believe it or not. But throughout the years, I just knew that a call had been placed on my life to sing and so here I am.”

A lifelong member of Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ (BUCJC), Sam is currently National Minister of Music and worked closely with the BUCJC founder, the late, Bishop Sydney Dunn. He has great memories of working for him.

“Serving under Bishop Dunn was challenging yet rewarding. He was not only a pioneer and a visionary, he also had a reputation as a strict disciplinarian and stalwart for the Gospel, so he expected and encouraged us to strive for excellence in our ministry.

“Bishop always exhorted us to ‘worship God like it was our last chance’ and so it was a requirement that our ministry reflected all of this. We will miss Bishop!”

The next few months will be exciting for Sam. He said: “Look out for more exiting music videos from the album and we are planning to release a deluxe version of the album that will have all of the amazing remixes that people are hearing and asking where they can get hold of them.”

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