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'I too face racism, sexism,' says Game of Thrones star

PICTURED: Nathalie Emmanuel

GAME OF THRONES star and former Hollyoaks actress Nathalie Emmanuel has opened up about the discrimination she's faced throughout her career.

Taking to social media, Emmanuel said racism and sexism are realities of her life, but instead of getting hurt, angry or insecure, she uses it to send out positive messages and empower people who look up to her.

“A lot of people have a perception about somebody like me who lives in the public eye. They think that you (do not face) racism and sexism because you are are famous and in a privileged position… which of course is not the case,” Emmanuel told IANS over the phone.

The actress says she has taken it upon herself eventually “to teach people and to show people that racism is universal”.

“It doesn’t matter where you are in your career, or which career you are in, racism happens, sexism happens. I thought that instead of carrying the anger of that hurt and the insecurity that I might have as a result of such comments, I would rather have some young person somewhere say, ‘Oh, that happens to her too’, and be a little bit less lonely.”

As part of her mission, Emmanuel shared a screenshot of a racist and misogynist comment from an online troller back in April. The comment was: “Go back to Africa you black c–t, you are famous on white man’s land not in your black monkey ancestors country.”

While sharing the dergoatory comment, she wrote: “In case anyone was wondering what having to deal with regular misogyny and racism is like… Here you go…. Sending love and thanks to everyone fighting the good fight, whatever background you come from.”

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