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'I'm not happy with the club I love...'

CONTROVERSY: Luis Suarez (left) and Patrice Evra

Liverpool play Cardiff City in the Carling Cup final on Sunday. The last few months have seen Liverpool embroiled in the Luis Suarez affair. The Anfield striker was found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United’s Patrice Evra in a row that has shocked football. Here a Liverpool fan gives her candid view on the whole story and why she is not happy with the club she loves….

FOR ALL of the people that think the appalling race row saga surrounding Luis Suarez is finally over because he and the club apologised, I will tell you, it is not.

A series of calamitous events have led to this current moment in time, where one of the greatest clubs in Premier league history have been dragged through the dirt and finally bowed down and issued a flurry of regrets for how they have dealt with Suarez – Evra affair.

But if you are, like me, a black Liverpool supporter it is far from over. Watching the actions of the Uruguayan striker, who refused to shake Manchester United defender Patrice Evra’s hand, was horrible.

After being given the opportunity to finally put this sordid affair to bed Suarez reignited it and put the fans to shame, again.

He has admitted that it was a “mistake” not to to shake Evra’s hand but it’s too little too late. All he has actually done is confirm that he is a petty, ridiculous, stupid little man and someone I do not want to be cheering for every single week.

What was worse was Kenny Dalglish’s reaction after the match. Instead of making a statement about Suarez’s refusal to shake Evra’s hand he said he didn’t see any thing.

A term usually reserved for Arsenal manager Wenger, but as we all know Dalglish does not have anywhere near the class and Franco elegance when it comes to denying the ability to be able to see something right in front of your face.

King Kenny then lambasted the interviewer for asking about the consequences of Suarez’s failure to shake Evra’s hand. In fact the Liverpool manager suggested that the interviewer was being “severe and bang out of order” to blame Suarez for anything that happened (or not) pre-match against Manchester United. That was the point when Kenny Dalglish failed every single Liverpool fan.

Two months ago when I saw the team I have loved for almost my whole life wearing t-shirts supporting someone who openly called a member of my race a “negro”, it hurt.

When Kenny then said in a statement that he would “stand beside” Suarez, that hurt even more than when I caught my ex in bed with another woman, but I was willing to forgive the Liverpool manager because men come and go, but my team will remain forever.

Football was my first love, years before I was even interested in boys. I was in primary school when I chose my favorite number, my favorite colour, and my football team, Liverpool and now I am a grown woman, I have a coveted club membership.

But after months of being severely humbled as a black fan of a once great club, I think it is time for us supporters to stop feeling ashamed and get angry.

Manchester United fans can walk away from this madness but Liverpool fans can’t. I never thought I would see the day I agreed whole- heartedly with Sir Alex Ferguson, so said that Suarez should never play for LFC again.

Liverpool FC have been in my life longer than my best friend, but if my best friend was wrong I would have no problems putting her straight and that is exactly what we, as black, Asian, Oriental fans of this historic club need to do.

I personally would not care if Suarez left the club; he is not someone I would want my children idolising anyway. But Kenny has to apologise to the fans that he has alienated by his very stupid actions.

There was not a week that went by when I watched LFC TV and didn’t get goose bumps from seeing the great things that Dalglish has done for this team, but he messed up, big time and has to be held to account.

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