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The importance of self belief

MOTIVATION: Racquel Sinclair

SELF-BELIEF is having confidence and ambition to be or do something for you that hasn’t yet been done. Many have the desire to commit to achieving their personal goals, but the main obstacle that most come up against is disbelief within their own ability to do something or be someone they have never yet been.

The mental capacity that you have to believe and know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to is infinite - but the beauty is knowing how to tap into the power of the conscious and subconscious mind. Once you discover this, staying tapped into those powers unfolds your ability to effortlessly believe in yourself and achieve your goals subsequently.

How can you hope to be fit, healthy, fast, lean, leading a healthier lifestyle when you are motionless and are unable to visualise yourself acting out or doing what is required? You have intent without intention!

You must first walk through the motions in your mind, see yourself purchasing, making and consuming healthier foods. See yourself waking up at 6am walking into the gym and performing the exercises that you already committed yourself to.

As humans, when we are passionate and driven to achieve greatness, whether at work or at home, we already see ourselves doing the necessary, making the idea believable and achievable. Apply the same principle with your own health and fitness goals.

Once you are able to elevate the mind and the body and place yourself there, the next steps become that much easier.

Get excited about working out, eating well, feeling happier, and being more attentive and focussed on the goal. Food and training is a life source - it is the product of longevity that many of us disregard because we already have trained our minds to think it's hard.

I will not misinform you in saying that the journey is easy because if it were, we'd all be doing it. But nothing in life comes easy and when it does there is no satisfaction because the task was effortless.

But the satisfaction you feel when a one mile run becomes a two mile run and a 2lbs weight loss becomes a 5lbs weight loss, it is the most satisfying and uplifting achievement one can have.

Focus less on the finishing goal and more on the next steps. Break down the step; know the difference between the antepenultimate goal, the penultimate goal and the ultimate goal.

What does each day look like? What does each meal taste like? What does each week feel like? Spend less time thinking about the monumental change, because real progress and success is achieved from the incremental targets that we set ourselves and achieve.

So I say that to say this: take a pen and a notepad and write down what the monumental goal is. After doing that, write down your incremental goals. Start with day 1 to day 14 and once you have reached day 14, repeat the cycle.

Make the journey easier for yourself by sharing the goal with your spouse, family member or friend and be accountable for the goal you have set.

Also, know your strengths and your weaknesses. If you have repeatedly set goals and never been able to achieve them, ask yourself why. Look at the steps you took, then stretch those steps so your milestone becomes longer, making each step clearer and more definitive. See the process clearly, map out each day strategically and start achieving your goals.

Believe it, see it and achieve it!

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