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Incredibles 2: Superhero sequel provides plenty of laughs

THE INCREDIBLES: This animated superhero sequel is a treat for the whole family (Image: Disney)

IN 2004, American director Brad Bird introduced us to one of our favourite superhero families: The Parrs - also known as the Incredibles. Bob and Helen Parr (Mr Incredible and Elastigirl) got together and started a family producing Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack.

It was a treat of a film with an awesome cliffhanger at the end which had the audience begging for more. Fourteen years later we got what we asked for....and then some! All the favourites are back to tackle new threats while trying to keep their secret identities, well, secret.

Overall, the film takes the best elements of the first one and adds to it with more character development and deeper plot twists. We get to see the challenges of raising a teenager, the role reversal and family dynamic when the mother is the breadwinner and father is a stay-at-home dad and how the Parr's cope with this shift.

The family are going through changes, both as a result of external pressures and internal ones. Added to this is the fact that they have to navigate their superhuman powers in a society that no longer requires them (legally) to explore these powers.

The story allows each character to shine enough to the point where you feel connected to them. Watch out for the awesome scene where Edna Mode and Jack-Jack interact – it's priceless.

Speaking of Jack-Jack, we finally get to see what he can do and as the movie progresses, we discover it's a lot. Stealing every scene he is in is no surprise and you won't be disappointed to see his first solo battle scene with a raccoon.

Incredibles 2 is a fantastic movie for the kids but like its predecessor, it provides plenty of laughs and entertainment for adults too. If I did have one small tiny minute criticism, it would be that we don't get to see enough of Lucius aka Frozone (played by the incomparable Samuel L Jackson) and his wife, Honey, who offered one of the standout lines in the first movie.

Incredibles 2 is in cinemas now and I'd recommend it to all.

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