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Instagram is down - and people are freaking out

DOWN: Instagram

FOLLOWING INSTAGRAM's parent company, Facebook's, massive breach which affected 50 million people last week, things are heating up in Silicon Valley - and not in a good way.

Today, millions of users have struggled to access their Instagram accounts, as the social media platform has stopped working, with people unable to see people's pictures or profiles.

Users are currently unable to refresh their feeds and can only see empty profiles.

The web version of the app also has problems, with any page bringing up a "5xx Server Error".

Issues are particularly affecting users in northern Europe, Australia and the west coast of the US, according to the outage-tracking website Down Detector. But that is probably because of time zones – in California, where Instagram is based, it is past midnight.

Considering Instagram's founders announced their departure from the company last week, amid rumours of disagreement's with how Facebook should run the company, this incident isn't instilling a lot of confidence in Facebook's future for the platform.

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