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The Instagram movement for unmarried church women

HIGH HOPES: Vivien Rose, left, and Rose Sunday believe their initiative will benefit women in the church

IT IS seen as common knowledge that Christian women have difficulty finding partners due to the lack of men within the church – and one woman aiming to change this state of affairs is Vivien Rose, an evangelist and co-founder of Women With A Vision prayer movement.

Alongside her colleague, Rose Sunday, Rose launched an initiative to pray for more Christian marriages in August.

An Instagram account set-up to promote this prayer initiative called '@thedayigetmarried' has already attracted almost 3,500 followers. Rose said of the account:

“I felt inspired by God to give this account this name. Nearly every woman has said in her heart from the time she’s a little girl, ‘The day I get married...’

“A young girl always assumes she will get married. Why should we negate that? A lot of woman are made to feel it is a wrong type of desire. We need to stop that.”

She also asked God how to address the issue and felt women needed to ‘gang-up in prayer,’ and pray for a partner, hence the call to prayer. The evangelist revealed that women from Africa, America, Europe and even Australia have given their support to this unique prayer initiative.

“Women were grateful that someone voiced what they were feeling within. They are being made to feel that you’re not Godly if you are desiring a man and want to be married and are being told that Jesus is enough. It’s wrong.”

Rose has high hopes for @thedayigetmarried. She shared:

“I find this initiative exciting because it demonstrates that our Heavenly Father cares for us. He’s seen our tears, understands our frustration and is coming to correct what’s wrong and answer our prayers for partners.”

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