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INTERVIEW: Carnival queen does 'Come Dine With Me'

MEMORABLE: C.J. Pohl stars in this week's instalment of Come Dine With Me

Q: Tell our readers a bit more about yourself?

A: I’m C. J. Pohl, an entrepreneur and budding young adult book series author from Manchester.

Q: Reveal one surprising fact about you?

A: At Christmas last year, I sent two of my promotional t-shirts for my book to boxing champion Anthony Joshua and his mum, via a female mutual friend of ours. An identical t-shirt was also sent to Sir. Usain Bolt, the outstanding legendary man of the same parish that my own mother was born

Q: Why did you decide to take part in Come Dine With Me?

A: I’m often described by friends and family as being glamorous, funny, charismatic, with a wicked sense of humour, and a great entertainer. Also, many people including my highly supportive and encouraging husband says I’m a good cook, so when I told him I’d applied for the show he was thrilled.

Q: What was your favourite moment from filming the show?

A: The morning of doing the food preparation was my favourite moment, working with the film crew that morning! While my kitchen is not as posh, as it once was, I make do with what I’ve got and I made what I’d believe is the best meal and dinner party experience of the whole week. To get the full flavour of my experience, watch all of the episodes and especially mine which in airing on Wednesday

Q: What were some of the challenges you faced taking part in Come Dine With Me?

A: Trying to fit in with people different to myself - though there were some things we had in common. Irrespectively, I did my best to connect. It was testing.

Q: What can viewers expect from you in next week's show?

A: By tuning in to watch me you can expect; continuous entertainment; excellent food, presentation, culture, humour and appreciation for diversity and black pride.

Check out Cleona on Come Dine With Me Mon 11 June-Fri 15 June at 5.30pm on Channel 4.

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