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INTERVIEW: The Rev's still running

HIP HOP LEGENDS: The legendary Run DMC will be performing in London next month

IT’S NOT everyday that this correspondent gets to talk to a genuine legend in the hip-hop game, but that is exactly what happened when Run DMC announced the date for their one-off show next month.

Set to take place at Hammersmith Apollo on July 5, Run DMC, joined by Slick Rick, are set to bring 20 years’ worth of pioneering hits that made them one of the most in uential and famous acts in the history of hip-hop culture.

Rev Run told me that a three-year hiatus had whet his appetite to perform.

Q: It’s been a couple of years since you last came to the UK, how much are you looking forward to performing?

Rev Run: Let me keep it real with you, this is my truth; London is the coolest place in the world to tell somebody you’re going to. London has so much edge, so much cool, so much swag that I know I got to bring my A-game.

I’m calling for everybody in London, all of the towns, all the people that have watched Run DMC over the years... it’s going to be one of those nights where real recognise real. The place is going to be electrified with true OGs, the OGs are going to be in the building and we’re going to give you the records you have loved over the years.

Q: It’s a one-off show, so can you give the fans what they need?

RR: Listen, once Down With The King drops, it’s going to go nuts in there. When we drop My Adidas, people are going to lose their mind, when we drop Peter Piper we are going to blow the roof off. These records do it when I’m not even in your car, so imagine when I’m standing there with me screaming ‘Peter Piper picked peppers, but Run rocked rhymes’, it’s going to go nuts. The records speak for themselves.

GETTING SHIRTY: Fans show their love

Q: Share with us your favourite London story?

RR: My favourite stories are with (Jam Master) Jay to be honest with you. Jay taking me to the hood and different parts of London. Jam Master Jay loved London so much I remember being on the bus and doing so many things, meeting people from Tim Westwood and all the different things. It was so cool. Going from New York and landing in London, it was just on and popping.

Q: What’s your take on where hip-hop finds itself in 2018?

RR: Where hip-hop is right now, for me, it’s obvious who the kings of the game are. We know that Drake is the man, we know that Kendrick Lamar is the man, we know that Jay Z still holds his crow the way he holds it. Where hip-hop is now, I’m satisfied.

Q: Do you think hip-hop pioneers ever saw the music genre becoming the number one genre in the world?

RR: I don’t know what I thought. I know that Run DMC in 1986/87, we was killing it and are still killing it now. You’re asking a fan of hip-hop, dude, I’m in awe of the game. I was in awe of the game as a kid when it was Melle Mel and Grand Master Flash and I am in awe of it now.

I’m on the edge of my seat when an album drops from Big Sean or there’s a new record coming from Drake and I keep saying Drake because he’s my favourite. Or you got a new Kendrick Lamar record about to drop, or you hear Jay Z is going to jump on the remix of All The Way Up with Fat Joe, you want to hear these things. You want to be involved, you want to be right there when DJ Khalid says ‘another one’. That’s it, I am in awe of the game.

Q: You have turned your hand to so much in your career, but what’s been the most rewarding outside of music?

RR: Family. You know me, you know the deal you saw Run’s House. That was a turning point. That was my chance to say here is what a rapper is doing as he got older. Here is the rapper’s wife. Here is the rapper’s children. Here is what’s happening to me currently. So for me, everything has been an accumulation of where my life is at. So that’s it for me, I keep showing growth as a human being.

Q: What else would you like to achieve, what else is on the list?

RR: I have a show coming on Netflix called All About The Washington. It’s a show all about a rapper retiring and his wife not wanting to stop. My goal is for when this show hits Netflix, everybody enjoys it at the same level or even bigger then everyone enjoyed Run’s House.

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