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INTERVIEW: We speak to A Place In The Sun's Jean Johansson

PICTURED: Jean Johansson

Q: How did you get into presenting?

Jean Johansson: I got into presenting when I went for an open audition, which they don't really do much of these days. Back then when they were looking for talent, they would just go into schools and communities and cities and have open auditions, and I went along to one of those in Glasgow and ended up getting a job for a kids TV show for CBBC.

Q: Why did you decide to make the jump from children’s TV to more mainstream programming?

JJ: You just get older and you don't want to stand around being gunged when you’re in your thirties! You become a different person with different interests and I found an interest in mainstream stuff.

Q: Congrats on your new presenting role for A Place In The Sun! How did the that job come about?

JJ: I moved a lot and I have experience in buying and selling properties. I always like to go for jobs which explore my personal interests and when ‘A Place In The Sun’ came up, I targeted that job and went through the process and luckily got it.

Q: How does this role differ from your previous experiences?

JJ: There’s a lot of expertise and research that goes into this before I even get on the plane and do the house tours with the couples. This is the first time i’ve been in that kind of a role for a presenting job where i’ve had to be very thorough with my research before I even turn up to work. Also it's just a very grown up role for me. The house hunters are depending on me to help them and pass on my experience and knowledge.

Q: What advice would you give to those looking to get on the property ladder?

JJ: Save money. London is so expensive now so for anyone to get on the property market in London is a huge achievement. Also, look around at the upcoming areas that maybe are not so desirable now but might be in 10-15 years.

Q: Television is still a very popular medium, but we are seeing traditional British programming losing out to streaming services and online platforms that are creating their own original content. Where do you see the future of traditional British programming - can it still compete?

JJ: I hope so! Everyone has to up their game to compete as there’s so many choices now. It's good in that it gives people a chance who maybe couldn’t get a chance before and brings diverse talent to the fore and makes major broadcasters have to up their game.

Q: What more can we expect from you in the future?

JJ:I’m just about to do Badass Women's Hour on Talk Radio. We’ll discuss feminist issues and it’ll be nice to not be scripted and just to sit and have discussions with other women over the phone. Also I’m going to create my own podcast. So a bit more radio and podcasts which is a different direction for me.

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