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Issa Rae on making dark skinned women desirable

BEAUTY: Issa Rae is championing dark skinned women (Image: Issa Rae/Instagram)

AFTER BECOMING the face of American cosmetics brand, Cover Girl back in September 2017, Issa Rae has since played a major role in representing black beauty.

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, she addressed the need for diversity while recognising the need to uplift darker skin tones on screen.

She said: “I prioritise making dark skinned women desirable. You don’t see a lot of dark-skin representation. That’s been overlooked. Also, seeing them as beautiful, in addition to desirable, which are two very different things.”

Reflecting on her experience as a beauty campaigner, the TV star said it was “kind of surreal. Like, ‘Wow, y’all are choosing me?' It was for the little girl in me who never thought that this would be possible. There’s power in representation. There’s affirmation in representation.”

The actress and producer has never shied away from embracing her image with self love. “I’m going to look how I want to look — it’s going to be on my own terms. If people criticise my look, it really does not matter to me. It’s about how I feel,” she explained.

Last year, she shared her excitement with her 1.9 million Instagram fans in a post that read: "I remember being an awkward black girl in high school, reading the pages of my favourite magazines, casually flipping through Covergirl ads, singing their slogan in my head."

"Never EVER in my life did I imagine I'd be one. I am SO honoured and SO excited for what’s to come."

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