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It’s Na’ariyah’s world – we're just part of it

TALENTED Na'ariyah Kamare Hall

HOW MANY entrepreneurs under 10 do you know of? Don’t worry – I’ll wait. 

Na'ariyah Kamare Hall is one of the rare few who’s been instilled with a business acumen way beyond her years. The savvy youngster is the daughter of Julian Hall – the founder of Ultra Kids, a company that teaches children about business and the importance of having an entrepreneurial mind-set from a young age.

Na'riayah’s first entrepreneurial venture was her own YouTube channel, which she was eager to launch from the tender age of 5. “When I was 5 I always wanted to have a YouTube channel. So a couple of years later, I asked my parents if I could start a channel and they said yes.”

The channel – Kamares Crazy Creations – is filled with videos of Na’riayah baking, doing fun challenges, and reviewing some of her favourite products. “I love making DIY videos, food recipes and doing challenges like bean boozle.” Right now, the talented YouTuber has over 200 subscribers and has plans to continue growing her YouTube Channel, with her most recent collaboration with Vegan YouTube sensation Kirly-Sue, - a collaboration which led young Hall to receive an invitation to South Africa.

“I am always excited to work with Kirly Sue, and I always have so much fun and learn a lot of new things in the process.” said Na'riayah. “I’m really looking forward to going to South Africa and meeting new people and experiencing a different culture.”

For Na'riayah, the future is bright as she prepares to bring more entertaining content to her followers. “I’m excited to do a lot more videos and collaborations this year with more YouTubers and my friends,” she shares. “I’m also looking forward to introduce my little brother to the YouTube world.”

In addition to her budding YouTube channel, the 9-year-old entrepreneur also runs a Vegan Chocolate Spread business called ChocoRia. The inspiration behind the brand was her mother, who inspired Na'riayah’s healthy eating habits from a very young age. “Ever since I could eat solid foods my mum has always cooked healthy meals,” says the kidtrepreneur. “She encourages me to try a wide variety of food, and educated me on the benefits of healthy eating. Also, I’m a huge foodie, so I enjoy trying lots of different ingredients.”

The gluten, dairy, and sugar-free spread has gone over well with her friends, and she is keen to advise people on how to encourage young children to eat healthy meals. “The key is to make it fun, tasty and get them involved in the kitchen,” advises Na'riayah. “I’ve been eating ChocoRia for as long as I can remember. My mum came up with the recipe as a healthier alternative to chocolate spread.” 

Beyond her YouTube channel and budding ChocoRia business, she also has plans to dominate the gymnastic world. “In the future I would like to be a gymnast and a chef,” reveals the multitalented minor. “I really enjoy dancing, singing, gymnastics and spending time with friends and family. That’s what makes me happy.”

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