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Italia Africa Business Week launches in Rome this October

FOR THE first time in Rome, Italy's history, a business event entirely dedicated to Italian and African
businessmen will take place as part of Italia Africa Business Week (IABW).

The event will be comprised of two days of networking, meetings and conferences with a view to facilitating new business and commercial opportunities, as well as cooperation agreements between African and Italian small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The two-day special will take place over October 17 and 18.

IABW organisers say:

"Africa, with more than 1billion people and 5% growth per year is an important business opportunity for Italy. This is the continent that, more than others, has the conditions for durable growth, because of a largely unexploited potential."

Italy, much like Africa, is known on the world stage for its high-quality produce and entrepreneurial culture. Italy is strongly oriented towards foreign trade, ranking 10th in the world when it comes to how much money its exports are worth.

The need to strengthen the business and commercial cooperation between the African and the
Italian markets was stressed in May last year at the First Ministerial Conference Italia-Africa, organised by the Italian Foreign Ministry and of international cooperation.

According to the IDOS Report on Immigration and Entrepreneurial Spirit the year before, the entrepreneurship of immigrants in Italy has made an extremely positive impact on the country.

IABW went on to say:

"During the first edition of IABW, Italian and African businessmen, high personalities of economic life, diplomacy and politics will come together.

"This is a unique occasion to strengthen investments and acknowledge the potential of the markets.

"The IABW forum will then be a platform where commercial and institutional agents, both from Africa and Italy, will come together to develop business opportunities.

"This is also a unique chance to give visibility to individual participants."

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