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It's all about the money, money, money...

CONTROVERSY: Sunderland player Titus Bramble

YET ANOTHER Premier League footballer, Titus Bramble, hits the headlines after getting embroiled in a sex scandal.

Is there no footballer who is immune to such a scandal?
Footballers should know by now that most of us think, (to use that old cliche of wartime GI's stationed in Britain) they are Over Paid, Over Sexed and Over Here.

I don't think that every footballer is overpaid. But clearly there are ones who think they're above the law because they earn more than PC Plod. So Plod's not a figure of authority to them.
And neither is M'Lud in court. Premiership footballers’ wages make High Court judges look like they're on minimum wage.

Given all that, what part of the law do you think that today's Roy of the Rovers is not above?

When it comes to them being Over Sexed, who am I to comment? But it does seem as if all that money they earn gives them the opportunity to have copious amounts of sex with any number of beautiful women.

When basketball star Magic Johnson was alleged to have slept with 10,000 women, many commentators pointed to his hero Wilt ‘the Stilts' Chamberlain who apparently slept with twice as many - 20,000 women! It's gotta be the money because there are not enough hours in the day. Believe me, I've worked it out.

And as far as Over Here is concerned, wherever a footballer lays his hat, that's his boudoir.

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