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It's all about nutrition, nutrition, nutrition

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: Racquel Sinclair says there's no escaping healthy eating (Photo credit:

IN ONE of my earlier columns, I spoke about my five non-negotiables starting with the first staple – sleep. Having established the importance of rest for the mind, body and soul, it’s time to delve into staple no: 2 – nutrition.

Whilst we have touched base on this subject on numerous occasions, it’s now time to sit down, blow the dust of the notepad and start taking some notes and making some life changing choices.

To make this quite simple, let’s look at the food we eat as seeds and our body as the plant pot containing the soil that has been prepared and made ready for sowing. Each time we consume food and sow a seed, our body reacts to these foods, causing a reaction and for growth to commence. This could be nutritional growth and regeneration or health decay and degeneration.

Eventually all these bad seeds that are being sown start to destroy the soil (the body) and can eventually grow into a disease of the organs, the arteries and the mind.

For example, the consumption of excess sugar, saturated products, fatty foods and artificial products can grow into excess fatty tissue, which we know as visceral fat. This affects the body causing internal hugging of the organs, fat deposits in the arteries, breathing difficulties, neck obstruction while sleeping, leg swelling due to lack of blood circulation, arthritis, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer and Type II Diabetes.

So what should we do?

Our bodies requires all three sources of macronutrients to stay healthy. These macros include carbohydrates, protein and fats. You may already feel as though you are fulfilling this requirement when you order your cod and chips from the local chippy – Think again!

Fresh produce is where it is at; lean chicken breast, salmon and tuna are just some of the produce containing high sources of protein. The types of carbohydrates that should be included in your nutrition are sweet potato, brown rice, brown pasta and a large quantity of vegetables, which I cannot stress enough. Vegetables should be your biggest and most important staple when it comes to eating clean and nutritious food.

Moving onto fats, which tend to be a concern, as many believe that eating fats is bad. There are in infact both good and bad fats. Bad fats are products containing saturated fats such as crisps, sweets, fatty beef, cream, lard, cheese and deep fried foods, just to name a few. Some of the good fats include nuts, seeds, avocado, fatty fish, dark chocolate and chia seeds.

Just like farming, vegetation does not manifest over night. It takes weeks and months of tender love and care before a breakthrough. My point being, that for a good harvest, the right sources of food including plenty of water is required for optimum results.

So be aware that the same applies to your body and your lifestyle for optimum health. Don’t be a victim of bad choices. Don’t cut your life short for two minutes of satisfaction.

Increase your life span, look after your body, eat well, keep your nutrition clean, improve the functionality of your body and protect your internal organs. This takes preparation, consistency and commitment and once applied not only will you feel good but you will also Look Better Naked.

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