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It's been a super September for Lewis Hamilton


ASKED IF he’d ever experienced a better September in his whole life, following the Mercedes victory in Singapore, Lewis Hamilton said: “Definitely not.”]
Unmatched in everything he has turned his hand to this month – which includes winning the Italian Grand Prix, launching fashion lines, and stretching his lead to 40 points over Sebastian Vettel with the win in Singapore – the Stevenage-born racer said on his Instagram account: “Such a special weekend! It’s been a tough race and I can’t thank the team enough for everything that they do, they truly inspire me. It felt like the longest race in my life, I’m spent and over- whelmed with emotion."


“Thank you to the fans for the incredible support, I love you guys. Giving all the glory to God.”
Talking about how his 69th race victory came to fruition on a track that was said to favour Ferrari, the 2017 champion said: “We had a great start. The team have just never given up faith and belief in me and in Valtteri and in our ability, and it is a blessing. It was a long race.”

He added: “We’re really just taking it one race at a time, knowing that Ferrari have had quite good pace for the last few races. Generally, whilst we’ve finished on the front foot, we start on the back foot, kinda thing, each weekend – but with a mentality that, if we do a good enough job, maybe we’ll come out ahead. Right this second it definitely feels like it was a tough race.

“It was a hardcore race. The cars are much quicker than usual, and obviously that moment we had with the backmarkers and the crazy day we had yesterday, with the crazy week that I’ve had, the last two weeks have just been intense.

“So, I’m looking forward to a couple of days off, these fol-lowing days – but, of course, it feels great. But I’ve been here a long, long time so I know I can’t get ahead of myself; we can’t get ahead of ourselves. We have to continue to remain humble and just keep working as hard as we can.”

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