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It's the Dunn thing for Team GB as athletes beat targets

GOOD TO TALK: Team GB’s Paula Dunn, right, being interviewed by 'The Voice's' Joel Campbell

BEAMING FROM ear to ear following the successful medal haul at the Paralympic athletics World Championships in London, Team GB head coach Paula Dunn said she was over the moon with her athletes for their achievements.

Team GB scooped 39 medals over the nine days of competition beating their target of 26 to 30 set pre-championships. Outstanding performances from the likes of Kadeena Cox and Kare Adenegan were just a few of the highlights from a record-breaking competition.


Refusing to hog the limelight despite the universal love and appreciation for her endeavour from her charges, Dunn lauded the team for their success and pledged to stay hungry in the pursuit to identify fresh talent that will be able to benefit from a clearly established talent pathway.

“It’s been an absolutely brilliant competition, the athletes have all turned up and performed wonderfully, the staff have been great and it’s actually been a bit of a dream,” Dunn enthused. She added:

“You can never rest on your laurels, this sport evolves very quickly. As soon as you get complacent that’s when your issues start.

“Every year we do a team getaway to discuss all the aspects of the programme; out talent identification, our recruitment and our retention.

"I still think we have got a lot of untapped talent in this country. When it comes to black and minority ethnic representation we don’t have a great deal, so one of our projects is going to be based here in London where we are going to encourage the athletes of colour to come and take part in athletics. So we’re not resting on our laurels, we know we’ve got athletes that don’t even know that they have a disability and they could be in school, they could be a neighbour, so having these championships just increases the visibility so hopefully, somebody may say to their neighbour, their son or realise they have a cousin who they can ask if they have tried the sport. So even though it’s a really successful programme with a robust talent pathway, we need more.”


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