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'I've got nothing to lose'

LOVING LIFE: Pearl Jarrett says her faith and commitment to God has opened doors for her (Photo credit: PA)

THE CHRISTMAS season will be a special one for Pearl Jarrett and her family. She can look back on a year where she has pursued her dream to become an actress and in the process has been featured in a Christmas advert for DIY company Wickes, alongside Errord, her husband of 28 years, and has been hired to appear in NatWest’s major advertising campaign launching in the new year.

Anyone who knows Pearl would say she is a woman who puts her faith into action. She did so when she started her charity, the Jarett Foundation, more than 10 years ago, to provide educational material and clothing for disadvantaged children in Sierra Leone and Jamaica. She did so again when she started a health drink company in order to fund her charity, and again by pursuing her childhood ambition to be an actress. But Pearl says involvement in the NatWest advert has blown her mind.

She told Soul Stirrings: “It wasn’t until after I was hired that I realised what a major job it was. They told me what I’d be doing and that I was going to be on all their posters, internet and adverts, and I said, ‘What?’

“I had no idea how big the campaign was going to be until I was booked.”

In fact, she has been treated like a star on set with her own trailer, runner and stylist – and Pearl sees her current good for tune as nothing but the favour and blessing of God.

“I believe that if you love God and God loves you, and you do everything you know to do, he’ll bless you. I try to be a doer of the word, I tithe all the time. I say, ‘God this is what I’m giving to you. You said prove me, and I’m asking if you could favour me in return’.

“Somehow, God just opens up doors for me and when he does, it makes my mouth drop.”

Pearl views God as a loving father who is smiling down on her and is keen to bless her. And she says that is the case, as she has demonstrated that age is no barrier to pursuing one’s dreams and aspirations. Part of Pearl’s desire to follow her dreams resulted from her brush with cancer 13 years ago.

She recalled: “Doctors found a massive tumour in my stomach. Thank God it hadn’t spread and I had to have a major operation.

“After I survived that, it served as a turning point, I felt I had a second chance. I said to myself, ‘I’m going to live my life’, and drew up a bucket list, and felt fear is a luxury I cannot afford.

“I said, ‘I’m just going to go for things whether I’ve got the experience or not because I’ve got nothing to lose’.”

And she has done exactly that. Christmas 2017 will be a family affair for Pearl, sharing this special time with husband and three children.

“We love our own company,” she says. She will also be giving thanks for her son Kierran’s life after he beat cancer — twice. And now that she experienced success getting roles in adverts, Pearl has set her sights on getting roles on TV.

Her dream role is anything in one of the American TV series that she likes – CSI or Law and Order. And she wants to take the Jarrett Foundation to a higher level, too. But does Pearl have any words of wisdom?

She says: “Discover what your passion is, then just decide to pursue it, even if you don’t have the experience or the money. Use the internet to find information on how to start your journey.”

Happy Christmas.

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