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Iyanla Vanzant: 'Black women are out of order'

COMMENTS: Iyanla Vanzant

OPRAH'S SELF-help guru Iyanla Vanzant has branded black women “out of order” and “mentally, emotionally, and spiritually sick.”

Vanzant, who rose to prominence following the success of her series of inspirational books, including In The Meantime, expressed her disdain at women of colour allowing “other people to define us.”

She told Madame Noire: “We have such a rich culture, and in that culture, there are roles and purposes, and powers, and we live in a society now where women are commodities, where women are demeaned, diminished, demoralized in ways that we accommodate.

She added: “If we really understood who we are as feminine representations of the creator of the universe, some of the things we experience in life, like crying when the unemployed boo boo leaves us, and we really understood who we are, we wouldn’t be so apt to let other people define us, and confine us. We are out of order!”

The married 59-year-old has become quite vocal following the launch of her self-help TV series on Oprah Winfrey’s television network, OWN.

Her comments come after the airing of her OWN special Daddyless Daughters, in which she examines the psychological issues of women growing up without fathers.

Vanzant voiced her concerns about the fact black women allow men and other people to treat them in ways that render them “mentally, emotionally, and spiritually sick.”

But, she also called on black women to accept responsibility for the fact that, by having children out of wedlock with men who are not ready to be fathers and partners, they are perpetuating a vicious cycle.

“We’re out of order — let me just go right ahead and say it, let me just ask forgiveness now,” she said, “there’s no reason for us to continue to have children with men who don’t honor us and don’t take care of their children. Out of order!”

The outspoken star went on to lambast women who “dishonor, betray, and defile one another.”

“Sleep with your sister’s husband! What? Pluck your eye out right now,” she said.

Her comments have been met with agreement from fellow black women.

One user wrote on the website: “‘Sisterhood’ is dead. These chicks will jump over their mama to get to a man. I don’t even bother with having ‘friendships’ with black chicks anymore. Too much emotional drama. I don’t have time.”

Another added: “I so agree, there are many [black] women that are out of order!!!!!! I’m a black [woman] and in my personal life from co-workers, to friends to family the things black women have allowed to happen. How we will justify someone mistreating us and not honoring us is SAD!!!!”

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