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Jamaica PM honours Nelson Mandela at United Nations summit

UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Prime minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness encouraged leaders to learn from Mandela's legacy (Image: Andrew Holness/Twitter)

JAMAICA’S PRIME minister Andrew Holness has called for world leaders to commit to peace.

Holness, who has been attending the UN Nations General Assembly in New York, addressed world leaders at a meeting on global peace in honour of Nelson Mandela this week.

At the meeting, which marked the centenary of Mandela’s birth, Holness said: “I am deeply honoured to participate in this summit, which comes at a time of heightened global concern about hostility and conflict within some of our societies; with some regimes focused on the use of might rather than the protection of right.

“The centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth provides space for us as world leaders to affirm the need for healthy and meaningful dialogue to engender peace, reconciliation and communal accord. These I believe are principles that Mandela would very much wish us to promote on this occasion.”

Holness reflected on Jamaica’s support for the fight against racial injustice in South Africa, which he noted preceded the official start of the apartheid system.

He said: “Jamaica is proud of the strong leadership role we played in driving efforts to dismantle the apartheid system in South Africa. Under that system, Nelson Mandela was unjustly incarcerated for 27 years and millions of Africans oppressed.

“We were the first country in the Western Hemisphere and second in the world, along with India to ban trade and travel with the racist regime.”

Tackling crime in Jamaica
A state of emergency put in place in parishes in Jamaica has been extended to the country’s capital.

Holness announced that the security and public safety measures would be employed in Kingston Central, Kingston Western and St Andrew.

The announcement follows the extension of a state of emergency in St Catherine based on recommendations from the security forces.

Holness said that the enhanced security measures in the parish had reduced the rate of murders and shootings in the area by 68%.

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