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Jamaica volunteers split between Bolt and Blake

EXCITED: far left is Marcia Makeba and far right is Roanna Anderson. Between them, their fellow volunteers.

BENEATH THE lines of Jamaica flags under the canvas roof of the O2 were a cluster of female volunteers. They warmly greeted The Voice, and it was obvious they could not hold back their excitement for tonight's 100m final.

Graduate Roanna Anderson first mentioned how proud she was of last night's woman's winner. In fact, the 24-year-old bellowed her approval: "Come on Shelly-Anne!"

Anderson said: "I think it's amazing because I've been watching her (Shelly-Anne Fraser-Pryce) all year and she has had quite a few trials and tribulations but she's managed to stay on top.

"And that's what it's about, defending your title at the Olympics."

The volunteer had a her heart and head in different places for the men's race. "Having watched throughout the season, I would say its going to be Blake, even though I want Bolt to win, because I think it's very important he defends his title. It's going to be Blake: Blake; Bolt; Powell."

The graduate explained why she wanted Bolt to claim gold: "He has got a lot more to give I guess, because there's a lot of pressure on him, and if he can cope under that pressure it's going to be really good."

Like many out there, Anderson realised Bolt has much to lose, whereas Blake has nothing to fear.

Her fellow volunteer, Marcia Makeba, wanted her say on the reigning Olympic champion. "I think he represents Jamaica very well, I think he's a good representation of Jamaica and what Jamaica stands for, and everybody loves him."

Anderson nodded in approval: "He's a character, he's a brand for Jamaica. It's very good to see him on top."

Makeba, who works in higher education, did not think Bolt had an arrogant attitude. "He's not a show off, he's just very proud to represent Jamaica. He's confident in what's he's doing and he knows what he can do and he's a showman."

Usain Bolt has been a game changer, thought Anderson. "He's changed the 100m. You see them getting prepared for it, doing their own little thing for the camera and he's put a lot of personality into it and that's very important. And that's why I think he deserves it."

Both women predicted Jamaica to have a preponderant presence on the podium. The only difference between them was the identity of the victor. Makeba backed Bolt to defend his title. But Anderson still could not make her brain think what her heart desired. "Blake will get gold."

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