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Jamelia knew she was the ‘token black woman’ on Loose Women


DAYTIME TV talk show Loose Women has certainly been the topic of conversation these past few days.

Following the controversial appearance of Kim Woodburn and news that panellist Coleen Nolan will be taking a break from the show, former panellist Jamelia has revealed some insight into her role on the popular ITV talk show - which she was axed from in October 2016.

Speaking about her inclusion in the show and if she felt she was the 'token black woman', Jamelia said: "I was never under any illusions that my acceptance onto the Loose Women panel was box-ticking, but that was never a problem for me.

"I was happy to be the token (black woman) if it meant that I could be in a position of change, which is why I was so outspoken when I was on the show.

"If you get a seat at the table, it’s important for you to use it wisely, and that’s what I did. I know I may have ruffled a few feathers, and I wasn’t very well-liked by ‘Middle England’, but I think it’s important for ‘Middle England’ to know that I do exist.

"I deserve to have the same voice, opportunity and platform that other people do."

During her time on the show, the Birmingham native was bombarded with online abuse after sharing her opinion that shops should not sell clothes in very large or small sizes.

Those comments reportedly led Jamelia to being uninvited on to future Loose Women shows - but the Superstar songstress pointed out that her fellow panellists made similar comments and didn't receive the same backlash.

"Some of the white panellists did say exactly the same thing I said, and worse, on the day," she explained.

"The next day we went in and had a meeting, and the other panellists were very supportive and said, 'Why can’t we call it what it is?

"She’s being singled out because she’s black,' and we wanted to have that conversation on the show, but the producers said no, we weren’t allowed to, and we had to just continue as normal."

She added: "I don’t regret one single thing about being on the show, and I’m really grateful for the opportunity and the experience.

"I would go back on it if I was invited. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity, a great platform, and I don’t bear any hard feelings."

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