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Jamie Oliver calls "jerk rice" criticisms daft

JERK: Jamie Oliver said the world has gone man after his "jerk rice" caused outrage

JAMIE OLIVER is under fire once again over his “jerk rice” after he tweeted that the outrage surrounding the product was daft.

In a tweet to the Steve Allen’s LBC radio show on Wednesday, Oliver said: “Morning Steve Allen Show, I’m still here mate, been listening everyday though out [sic] my family holiday in Cornwall, come back to work and the worlds [sic] gone mad?! So I’ve been quite [sic] as u can’t give oxygen to daftness joxx.”

The 43-year-old’s response to the criticisms, some of which accused him of cultural appropriation, have been met with further annoyance.

One Twitter user said: “You can't sell a tin of tuna and a packet of crisps as fish & chips. Have some respect for culture and tradition. You're all about the money Jamie.”

Another said: “Wow, how about learning what Jerk actually is and not profiting off Caribbean culture. Educate yourself rather than telling the people you’ve insulted they’re being daft! Interesting all the people defending it..#soundsaboutwhite.”

Labour MP Dawn Butler was among the early critics of Oliver’s new product.

She said: “You’re jerk Rice is not OK. This appropriation from Jamaica needs to stop.”

Levi Roots told ITV News that Oliver’s product was missing key ingredients needed to make a jerk marinade – scotch bonnet and allspice.

“It’s not jerk. It’s like saying you’re giving me chicken soup but it has beef in it.”

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