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Jamie Oliver has defended his 'jerk rice'

PICTURED: Jamie Oliver

SOCIAL MEDIA has been alight with criticism after news broke of Jamie Oliver releasing a brand of 'punchy jerk rice'.

Many took to social media - and the streets - to air their thoughts on the Caribbean inspired product and the discussion around cultural appropriation surrounding food has been debated across Twitter timelines and Facebook comments, with Labour MP Dawn Butler calling out the celebrity chef.

Despite the onslaught of criticism, Jamie Oliver is still taking a strong stance on his product, and said he named it "punchy jerk rice" to show where he drew his culinary inspiration from.

In a statement on Monday evening (Aug 21), he said: “I've worked with flavours and spices from all over the world my whole career, learning and drawing inspiration from different countries and cultures to give a fresh twist to the food we eat every day.

"When I named the rice my intention was only to show where my inspiration came from."

Celebrity chef Levi Roots, who is known for his own brand of jerk-infused Reggae Reggae Sauce, said Oliver's decision to launch his jerk rice dish was a mistake.

Speaking to ITV's Good Morning Britain, Roots said: "I do think it was a mistake by Jamie, either by him or by his team. Maybe he wasn't actually involved in this."

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