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JamIn Voice of JA winner announced

WINNER: Standout singer Chemina Dixon

SHEFFIELD-BASED Jamaican Chemina Dixon has won this year’s JamIn Voice of JA songwriting competition.

Dixon scooped the top prize on Saturday, July 7 at the Classic Banqueting Suite in Tooting, south London.

As the winner of the competition, Dixon has been given the opportunity to travel on an all expense trip to Jamaica where she is set to perform during the official Jamaica independence celebrations later this month.

Speaking at the finals of the JamIn Voice JA competition, Dixon said: “Over the years as I’ve gotten older, I’ve said to myself that if I ever made in music, I would want it to be where the music I love the most comes from. In the same way a child would seek approval or praise from their parent when doing good, I want nothing more than to make my people proud – no one else’s opinion or approval matters more to me than that of my people.”

The 31-year-old added: “The encouragement I received from my friends, really gave me the confidence to go for it. I also looked into the Jamaicans Inspired UK (JamIn UK) organisation and saw what they were all about and thought to myself, this is something I want to be a part of, competition or no competition, I want to be a part of anything that brings us all together in a positive way and as it happens, music has a way of doing that.”

The competition, which exists to promote reggae music and Jamaica’s rich culture and is an official Jamaica 56 independence activity, was attended by the high commissioner of Jamaica, Seth George Ramocan and other dignitaries and guests including Jamaican athletes Dunusia Francis (gymnastics) and Alton Brown (karate).

This year’s show was also a celebration of the 55th year of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and the 50th year of the word “reggae”.

Chairman of Jamaicans Inspired, Nathaniel Peat, said: “The standard of this year’s competition was very good, and the evening was a great showcase of young Jamaican talent, it was entertaining from beginning to end.”

Dixon who was born in Newham, London, spent her early childhood years in Kingston with her grandmother. As a young girl, she was always singing and following a recommendation made by her older cousin, she became the youngest member of the Bethel Baptist Church junior choir at age six.

Dixon’s most prominent influences have been her mother, who always sang at home, and her roots reggae recording artist father, Afrikan Simba.

JamIn Voice JA is scheduled to be broadcasted on the Release TV show which is aired on CVM and other networks in Canada, the USA and Eastern Caribbean.

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