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Janelle Monae's style advice: STOP DRESSING FOR BOYS

STYLISH: Janelle Monae

BEYOND BEING a great musician and timeless beauty, Janelle Monae is known for her out-of-the-box, and eclectic style. From her dedication to black and white tuxedos in her early career, to her colourful and standout style of today, Monae has paved her way as a fashion icon, and everyone wants to know just where she gets her inspiration from.

When one fan asked that exact question on Twitter, Monae tweeted that her style choices have nothing to do wtih the male gaze, saying "STOP DRESSING FOR BOYS."


Monae famously stuck to tuxedos in the early years of her career as an homage to her parents, who worked in the service industry and wore uniforms. “When I started my musical career I was a maid, I used to clean houses. My parents–my mother was a proud janitor, my step-father who raised me like his very own worked at the post office and my father was a trash man."
"They all wore uniforms. And that’s why I stand here today in my black and white and I wear my uniform to honour them…”

Monae is currently starring in two highly anticipated films, Moonlight and Hidden Figures. While on the promotional trail for the two movies, we are sure to see more of Monae's flawless style.

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