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Janet Jackson: "I'm sick of double standards"

ACTIVISM: Janet Jackson told the crowd, 'equality is our demand, action is our answer'

JANET JACKSON joined a host of stars to perform at Global Citizens Festival and challenge injustice yesterday.

Jackson told the crowd: "Like millions of other women out there, I know about bullying, I know about verbal abuse, I know about physical abuse, I know about abuse of authority. I'm sick, I'm repulsed, I'm infuriated by the double standards that continue to treat women as second class citizens.

"Enough injustice. Enough bigotry. Mistreatment and mindless prejudice has to stop and stop now. Equality is our demand, action is our answer."

Cardi B, who was also at the event, her major performance since giving birth to her first child, Kulture, urged Americans to vote.

The I Like It rapper was on stage at the Global Citizen Festival in New York when she made a statement on the importance of voting.

She said: "We need to vote – especially us, the millennials, under 25 and over 18, we need to vote. Last election everybody took it as a joke, even me, I'm not even gonna front, because I thought man that person ain't gonna win and look where we at now.

POLITICAL: Cardi B urged Americans to vote

"We need to vote so we can change our community. We need somebody that's gonna to represent us, that's gonna protect us not put us with beef with everybody else. We don't need somebody that's going to be arguing with ball players."

After her statement, Cardi introduced a video message from former United States first lady Michelle Obama by saying she was going to "let this woman tell it better".

The crowd appeared enthused by the rapper's rallying call and chanted her name as she ended her brief speech.

Obama, the co-chair of When We All Vote, said: "No matter what issues you're passionate about, no matter what causes you're fighting for there's one thing all of you can do that I guarantee will make a difference and that's electing leaders who share your values and will stand up for you in halls of power. So, as a citizen and as an activist it's critical that you get registered and cast your vote this November and make sure that everyone you know – your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues – make sure all of them are registered and ready to vote too."

Obama then directed viewers to the relevant resources for registration.

Global Citizen Festival is an event organised by Global Citizens, a movement to engage people around the world to use their voice to end extreme poverty by 2030.

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