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Jason's gospel on higher level

AMAZING GRACE: Jason Nicholson Porter on stage during The Voice auditions

JASON NICHOLSON PORTER is one happy guy at the moment. The singer has long been regarded as an exceptional UK gospel singer due to his amazing vocal range, and was able to share vocal talent with a national audience when he appeared on ITV talent show The Voice UK recently, passing the audition stage.

His appearance had been a long time coming as Jason had been approached on numerous occasions to appear on The Voice UK, but had refused because he was adamant he wanted to sing gospel and for it to be represented properly.

He only finally agreed to do so after speaking to the show’s producers, who assured him he could sing a gospel song of his choosing and that they wanted to feature gospel on the show. Jason chose gospel classic Amazing Grace.

“It was obviously the right song because as soon as Voice judge Jennifer Hudson heard Jason’s soulful tones, she pressed the buzzer. In fact she stood up when he sang and riffed, impressed by the quality of his voice.

“As soon as I saw her get up I was relieved and relaxed,” Jason revealed.

“I was so nervous singing, but after Jennifer got up I was able to have a little more fun and go to town on the song.”

Those who have seen Jason perform live in churches and concerts over the years, know that he sings predominantly worship songs so it was a surprise to see him sing a traditional gospel song.

He said: “I thought it was a song that everyone could connect with. I could have sung any other song. There needed to be a song that everybody could recognise. It was a massive risk because it’s a very typical but very traditional song. And we did a version the general public hadn’t heard before.”

But now, the 33-year-old says he is excited to have made the second round. He told Soul Stirrings:

“The whole situation was overwhelming. I didn’t take it all in until I walked around with my family and did the interviews I then thought ‘I’m in the competition’, you know?

“It was surreal. I was honoured, excited and scared at the same time.”

Jason has the full support of his wife of 10 years, Angelina, his three children, and his mum, all of whom were present at the studio audition. His 12 siblings, plus nieces and nephews gathered at his house to watch him perform on TV.

Jason follows a long line of UK gospel artists, including Janine Dyer, Israel Allen and Michelle John-Douglas who have appeared on the show. He doesn’t know where being on the show will take him, but wants to have an impact and enjoy the journey in the process. He said: “I’m hoping my involvement will encourage greater respect in the music industry for gospel.

“I’m also hoping my involvement will change lives and give the sense that Jesus is real.

“I also want to bring more fame to Jesus’ name. Everything else that comes with The Voice is a bonus. I just want to remain true to who I am.”

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