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John Boyega helps kids train like Jedi’s

TRAIN LIKE A JEDI: John Boyega with schoolchildren

JOHN BOYEGA has returned to his old primary school to inspire children to train like a Jedi. The surprise visit was made to encourage kids to get fit and active with a new training programme inspired by the Star Wars film.

Boyega joined the school children at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School in Camberwell, London as they took part in the new national Change4Life ‘Train Like A Jedi’ initiative, which has been launched by Public Health England.

The latest campaign aims to increase levels of physical activity among children in England with the help of Star Wars acting as inspiration. Promising a fun and hands-on way to learn, the children are encouraged to be excited about exercise after “alarmingly low” figures suggests that boys and girls are not engaging in enough physical activity.

Photos and videos shared on social media have shown Boyega getting stuck in with 12-Jedi-inspired moves that were introduced to the children. The regime seeks to teach technique, strength, stamina, speed agility and mastery.

He took to Twitter to share his gratitude for what he called “an amazing day” to his old school for having him back.

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