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Juicy Ladies spreading the gospel

SHOWCASING CHRISTIANITY: The Juicy Ladies, Adaeze Chiwoko, (left) and Lavinia Goddard, on set

ADAEZE CHIWOKO and Lavinia Goddard, otherwise known as the Juicy Ladies, are set to go worldwide following the start of their debut series on the world’s biggest faith based TV network, TBN.

The new 12-part TV series launched on 8 May is called The Juicy Ladies Show and will be a fun, upbeat, magazine/chat/live music show, which will provide viewers with an insight into urban Christian culture.

There will be live music performances, coupled with interviews of believers making an impact within their sphere of influence. Guests featured in the first series include former world boxing champion Nigel Benn, Seth Pinnock, Ni-Cola and many more.

Chiwoko and Goddard, who are based in Manchester, have come a long way since they launched their careers in the media, which has seen them launch a website, radio station and do live streaming.

Goddard explained:

“We started the Juicy Ladies on radio in 2015. We had already done radio before that, but it was the Vinejuice Radio Show. The station that we were on (Legacy) didn’t want us to call it Vinejuice, so Adaeze shouted ‘Juicy Ladies'.

GOSPEL GREATS: From left - Adaeze Chiwoko and Lavinia Goddard with DJ Kelechi and Yinka Mode

“I really hated the idea at first, but I can see the logic behind it now."


She added:

“It caused a little bit of controversy in the beginning, but the show became one of the most popular shows on the station.

“The management team praised us all the time for the way we produced the show.

"We decided to leave Legacy when we launched Vinejuice Radio to focus on urban Christian music, but we didn’t want to lose Juicy Ladies and that whole interaction we started to build up. And then, we walked into the path of TBN and they were ‘right, let’s do it'.”

Understandably, the Juicy Ladies are excited about their new TV show.

“It’s overwhelming,” says Goddard.

“It’s a real privilege and honour. Where it says that God will do all you abundantly ask and think, literally, that is what’s happening.

“It’s really exciting, because it’s not just a huge opportunity for Vinejuice, but for the UK gospel scene as well.

“Our mission at Vinejuice is to connect communities by promoting vibrant living and essentially that’s what the Juicy Ladies TBN show is all about.”

One thing that Goddard and Chiwoko exemplify is the power of social media. The duo, in their Juicy Lady roles, use social media platforms to share gospel music news and do live streams. It helped them build a large audience and secure their TBN gig. Goddard would love to see more churches making greater use of a social media platform.

“I don’t think enough churches are. Some churches are. But more need to," she said.

“The likes of people like Steve Furtick, TD Jakes, and other high-profile ministers use social media lot. I didn’t know who Steven Furtick was until I saw snippets of his videos on Facebook. I’ve not listened to a full message of his, but because of social media, I know who he is.”

One thing the Juicy Ladies hope their show will do is expose the wider Christian community to urban gospel music and the people in it.

“God is bringing all of this stuff to the fore and helping us to connect," Goddard said.

“So many people have been commissioned with one ministry or another, one vision or another, there’s got to be a point where it all comes together so that it carries more weight and more power and reaches more people, so that we’re all informed and have a lot to draw from and be inspired by.”

The TBN series isn’t putting a brake on the ladies ambitions. The show has already led to them being given the opportunity to do some presenting on Big Church Day Out later this month.

Goddard adds that she would love to have a show on a national radio station. She explains:

“The main thing on my heart right now is to bring urban Christian culture to a secular audience.”

It seems there’s no stopping the Juicy Ladies.

The Juicy Ladies Show is broadcast on TBN on Mondays and will be repeated on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Click here for more details.

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