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Julian Cole: 3 Bedfordshire officers sacked for misconduct

PICTURED: Julian Cole has been left in a vegetative state following an interaction with Bedfordshire Police in 2013 (Photo credit: Facebook)

THREE POLICE officers involved in arresting a man left paralysed and in a vegetative state have been fired after being found guilty by a IOPC disciplinary panel, BBC reports.

Julian Cole, a former athlete and sports science student, was involved in a scuffle with doormen and police officers outside a nightclub in Bedford in 2013 after he was refused a refund by door staff and attempted to get back into the club.

During the misconduct panel, the hearing discovered that during an attempt to enter the nightclub, Cole was restrained to the ground by a bouncer. He was then "taken to the ground" by PCs Oates, Kalyan and Ross at 01:48 before being cuffed with "his face down on the ground".

The three officers lifted him from the ground, and he was taken to the police station via a police van.

At 02:02 PC Ross called an ambulance, and paramedics arrived at the police station and began CPR on Cole, who was not breathing. 30 minutes later he was taken to hospital where it was discovered that he suffered a broken vertebra.

The 25-year-old is now paralysed and requires 24-hour care in a nursing home.

BEFORE: Julian Cole

According to BBC, the officers failed to ask "basic questions" to check his welfare during arrest, and it was found that the officers lied in statements about Cole's condition during his arrest.

During the hearing, it was also unveiled that the officers claimed that Cole was able to walk to the police van when witnesses said and CCTV showed he had to be carried with his legs dragging on the ground and his head was hanging down.

Additionally, the hearing found PC Kalyan tried to "shift responsibility" over what happened to the student.

Speaking after the verdict, Mr Cole's mother, Claudia Cole, said: "This tribunal decision makes it clear that not only did the officers lie about the event involving Julian, they showed an inhuman indifference to his welfare."

Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Sebire called the case a "tragedy", adding: "I apologise that [the officers'] conduct following the incident fell well short of what we expect at Bedfordshire Police."

IOPC regional director Sarah Green said: “Julian Cole was a young athletic man whose life was changed forever. It will never be known exactly how his neck was broken, or if swifter care could have prevented the awful consequences of the break.

“The panel today have concluded however that the officers failed in their duty to provide adequate welfare checks, and worse, that three of them were dishonest in how they presented their version of events.

“This dishonesty has only added to the anguish of Mr Cole’s family.”

This story contained additional reporting from the BBC

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