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Jussie Smollett: Police release noose footage

PICTURED: Jussie Smollett

A POLICE video recording of Jussie Smollett wearing a noose around his neck has been released.

Smollett claimed that he was the victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime on January 29.

The Chicago Police have said that the 36-year-old staged the entire attack.

In the video footage, two officers visit Smollett’s apartment around seven hours after the alleged attack. He can be seen still wearing the thing rope around his neck.

Referring to the noose, an officer asks Smollett: “Do you want to take it off or anything?”

He replies: “Yeah, I do. I just wanted y’all to see it.”

He then removes the rope and says: “There’s bleach on me. They poured bleach on me.”

Smollett asks if he is being filmed and then tells officers that he does not want to be on camera. Shortly after this, the video cuts out.

In addition to the footage from inside Smollett’s apartment, police also released a video showing the inside of the taxi that brothers Abel and Ola Osundairo took on their way to meet Smollett on the night of the incident.

The pair are seen dressed in white hazmat-style suits.

The Osundairo brothers were arrested in connection with the alleged hate crime but later released without charged. They said they worked with Smollett to stage a fake attack.

The Chicago Police Department has released hundreds of files related to the investigation.

While some have argued Smollett should face further prosecution after viewing the footage, others have highlighted the contrast in the availability of the files and the police's conduct compared to other serious cases.

US journalist Tia A Ewing said: “70 hours of video for #JussieSmollett, meanwhile count the homicides that go unsolved with no video released to the public.”

Smollett was charged with filing a fake police report. Detectives believe he organised the alleged hoax in order to improve his career prospects. In March all charges against him were dropped.

Smollett has denied that he orchestrated the attack.

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