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Kabaka Pyramid teams up with Stonebwoy for new single

UNITY: Kabaka Pyramid, Stonebwoy & Damian Marley

COMING OFF of the release of his first single 'Can’t Breathe' from his soon to be released debut album 'Kontraband', roots reggae star Kabaka Pyramid is set to release his second single titled 'Borders'.

As the song begins, you hear the voice of Kabaka Pyramid plea for a change to break the borders down as we are all a part of one nation.

In 2016 the number of displaced people around the world reached an all-time high and continues to increase. Driven by growing instability and conflict, large numbers of people desperate for a peaceful life-or simply the opportunity to earn a living-attempting the journey to a better place to call home.

Borders is the second single released off Kabaka Pyramid debut album, "Kontraband" which features Ghanaian - Afro Beats artist and U.N.H.C.R. (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) ambassador, Stonebwoy, produced by Grammy award-winning young icon Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley.


The message couldn't be timelier especially with the refugee crisis taking place across the world. Yet, for Kabaka Pyramid this is a single to bring awareness and enlightenment to the masses.

Kabaka Pyramid said: “I wanted to do this song because we as human beings need to do something about the refugee crisis around the world. It’s a shame to see the levels of separation displayed by governments and people when now is the time for unity. I also wanted to connect with my African family so I’m grateful that Stonebwoy could lend his voice to the song and vision. We’re looking forward to big things this year and this song is the way we wanted to start it off."

Check out the lyric video (below):

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