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Kanye paid $85,000 to use 'Whitney Houston drug photo'

CONTROVERSY: Kanye West chose the image for the cover of Pusha T's album

KANYE WEST paid $85,000 (£63,640) to use a photograph of Whitney Houston’s drug filled bathroom on Pusha T’s latest album.

Pusha T revealed that West had made the decision in an interview with radio host Angie Martinez.

The rapper told Martinez that West called him at 1am and said: “This is what people need to see to go along with this music.”

Rapper West is the producer behind Daytona, Pusha T’s new album.

The album cover image depicts Houston’s bathroom in her Atlanta home. It was taken in 2006 and shows various types of drug paraphernalia.

It was reportedly taken after the consumption of a considerable amount of drugs.

The photograph has been in the public domain since February 2012 when it was released after the singer’s death at the Beverly Hilton hotel.

Many have expressed outrage at the use of the image, calling it disrespectful.

One Twitter user, Laurie Crosswell said: “Kanye West paying to use the photo of Whitney Houston's bathroom is beyond disgusting and disrespectful. It's inhumane. No wonder he loves Trump. I'm sickened.”

Another, David Leon Morgan, tweeted: “The people in charge of Whitney Houston’s estate are trash for even considering licensing this. She literally had no one she could trust around her. People who love you wouldn’t do something like this.”

Houston drowned, a result of the effects of coronary heart disease and cocaine consumption.

A day before the release of Daytona, West was still tweaking the album, according to Pusha T.


Yesterday West tweeted an image of the cover of the album, telling fans that it would be dropping today.

The album has been praised by critics and fans.

Pusha T took to Twitter to thank Kim Kardashian for letting him “steal” West, her husband, to “make this masterpiece”.

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