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Kanye West: 'It's important to talk about mental health'

PICTURED: Kanye West

KANYE WEST has opened up about the importance of discussing mental health, during an appearance on US talk show The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

"I think it's important for us to have open conversations about mental health - especially with me being black," he said. "Because we never had therapists in the black community.

"We never approached taking a medication. I think it's good that when I had my first complete blackout at age five, my mom didn't fully medicate me. Because I might have never been 'Ye. And there's times where at least I'm happy that I know (I'm bipolar). Like even like for this interview, I knew I wanted to stay in a calm state."

Earlier this year, the 41-year-old revealed to that he was on seven pills when he left hospital following his mental breakdown in late 2016. He added that doctors want him to take three pills a day now but he only takes one or two a week.

West also spoke about his struggles with mental health on his recent album Ye. He revealed he had bipolar disorder on the track Yikes when he rapped about "my bipolar s**t" and insisted he didn't see it as a disability, but as a "superpower". He later shared in interviews that he had been diagnosed with a mental health condition within the past couple of years.

The Golddigger hitmaker also revealed his bouts with suicidal thoughts after watching the documentary McQueen based on late fashion designer Alexander McQueen who committed suicide in 2010.

In a series of tweets in July, the 41-year-old rapper told fans he had seen the documentary McQueen and “connected with his journey”.

He wrote: “I saw the Alexander McQueen documentary and I connected with his journey. I know how it feels to want to take your life back into your own hands even if it means taking your own life.

“To make this clear and not weird I’ve had these kinds of thoughts and I’m going to tell you things I’ve done to stay in a content place.

“How to NOT kill yourself pt 1 Avoid being around people who make you want to kill yourself.”

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