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Kelechi Okafor shares video of brother’s shocking arrest

ARREST: Kelechi Okafor's brother during the apprehension by police (Screengrab: Kelechi Okafor/Twitter)

KELECHI OKAFOR, the founder of fitness studio Kelechnekoff Studio, has shared a video of her asthmatic brother’s hood being pulled over his face by a police officer during an arrest.

The fitness expert posted a series of tweets about the incident on Twitter, along with a video that shows her brother being restrained by two officers, one who is pulling Okafor’s brother’s hood close over his face.

Okafor said: "Everyday I fear for this particular brother of mine in particular because the police have harassed him for years. They even make jokes about it when they stop him. This isn’t fair. They pulled the hood over his face as if they were muzzling a dog."

She added: “They already had him handcuffed so why the need to pull the hood over his face? I was there from the moment my brother was born and I know when he is panicked, he wouldn’t have been able to breathe properly after a while.”

The reason behind her brother’s arrest is not clear.

She added: ”They’ve said they stopped him because they thought they smelled weed in the area, even though he was across the street from them. What kind of alleged weed is so strong?

“When asked why my brother was being arrested the police officer in this video had the gall to say they don’t know.”

A representative from the Met responded to Okafor’s thread of tweets directing her to register concerns via the police’s online form.

Okafor’s supporters did not think the Met’s response was adequate.

One Twitter user said: “Concerns can be reported here?! That is not a good enough response! Do better.”

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