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Kendrick Lamar discusses groundbreaking Pulitzer Prize win

PICTURED: Kendrick Lamar

KENDRICK LAMAR has become the first rapper to win Pulitzer Prize, which he says has finally given hip-hop the respect it deserves.

The 31-year-old star created history by nabbing the prestigious honour for his 2017 album, DAMN.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, he said: “It was one of those things I heard about in school, but I never thought I’d be a part of it. It should have happened with hip-hop a long time ago.”

Reflecting on the movement, he told the publication: “It took a long time for people to embrace us - people outside of our community, our culture - to see this not just as vocal lyrics, but to see that this is really pain, this is really hurt, this is really true stories of our lives on wax,” he explained.

“And now, for it to get the recognition that it deserves as a true art form, that’s not only great for myself, but it makes me feel good about hip-hop in general.”

While his latest award has impacted greatly upon hip-hop and music, the award winning Grammy artist said that recognition for the genre was not only “great for him”, but made him feel “good about hip-hop in general.”

He added: “Writers like Tupac, Jay-Z, Rakim, Eminem, Q-Tip, Big Daddy Kane, Snoop. It lets me know that people are actually listening further than I expected.”

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